Yanni discovered early on that while it's easy to fall in love, we don't always have the necessary tools needed to stay there. We want our couples to not only plan a beautiful wedding but plan a beautiful marriage and life twogether as well. Our goal is to share positive information, articles, tips and affirmations about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. We offer fun, engaging and educational workshops, panel discussions, blogs, intimate gifts for couples and events. 

Making Love Better TwoGether

Introduces "Intimate Gift Box" Subscriptions —A new subscription service which allows our clients to enjoy monthly Intimate Gift Boxes that ships straight to your door!

Our "Intimate Gift Boxes" are never the same, so each month our couples will receive an intimate surprise. We have three options available, as well as exciting gift options for that special someone.

Please specify which subscription you are interested in the One Time, Four Month or Six Month in your email.

Once we've received your subscription a separate form will be emailed to you asking general questions so that we may personalize your gift(s) each month. 

1) One time offer subscription $41.95 Which will be a one time Intimate Gift Box

2) Four month subscription $39.95 per month and you'll receive an "Intimate Gift Box" Each month for 4 months.

3) Six month subscription $37.95 per month and you'll receive an "Intimate Gift Box" Each month for 6 months. 

Shipping and handling is and additional $5.95 per month.
You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Intimate Gift Boxes will include things like Kama Sutra massage oils, candles, eye mask, rose petals and more... They will also include a personalized note with date night suggestions and invitations that can be used with each gift.

Our "Intimate Gift Boxes" are designed to spark spontaneity and spice within your relationship allowing you quality time and intimacy with one another.