Book review


Once I Started, There Was No Stopping!
By Kiera! 

It can't possibly get more honest than this! Brown is amazingly bold and sincere about her own (adventurous and occasionally hilarious) journey to self-acceptance. With humor, wit and transparency, and without being preachy, she reminds us that WE ARE ENOUGH...right now...exactly as we are. And she underscores how critical that understanding is to the health of our current and future relationships with others.

It seems like we have so many "relationship experts" now. Someone is always telling women what to think, how to act, or who to be in relation to the men that we have or the men we desire. But when was the last time that someone dealt honestly with the relationship that matters most: the one that we have with ourselves?! In "Making Love Better Begins Within", Yanni Brown really brings it home. Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down. And you'll find yourself re-reading it periodically just to refresh the revelation. Awesome! 

Relationship Expert

My story

An author, blogger, relationship expert and speaker, the Yanni Brown brand was birthed from an unsuccessful marriage and learning from my past relationships. On the journey of mistakes, learning, sharing, dealing and healing, I learned that we all had things in common when it came to love, life, balance, relationships and the pursuit of happiness. That commonality was we all want to be loved. The problem that I saw was that we all don't know how to love or have become functional in the dysfunction of what love is. Being a lover of love and all that comes with love, I simply decided to make love my business. I infused my education at DePaul University, over 20 years experience in market research, my passion for Making Love Better TwoGether and commitment to sharing with others the power of love and the ability to create better relationships.

This awesome yet challenging journey on love, life, balance and pursuit of happiness have been featured in Essence, Rolling Out, the Six Brown Chicks blog, The Chicago Defender, The Black Women's Expo and Black and Married With Kids.

Probably best known for my appearance on OWN "Iyanla: Fix My Life, Season 1(Fix My Backstabbing Friends)" with Iyanla's famous line "NOT ON MY WATCH" That amazing experience taught me to walk in my authentic truth of who I am but more importantly who I aspire to be.